Who do we serve?

Adrev provides a suite of first-class digital rights management, content monetization, and audio fingerprinting solutions to help media owners track and monetize exploitations of their IP across an increasingly vast digital landscape.

  • Production Music Libraries
  • Record Labels
  • Publishers
  • Audiovisual Creators & Rights Holders
  • Artists & Musicians
  • Performing Rights Organization
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What are the advantages of working with Adrev?

With more than a decade of experience, Adrev is one of the most tenured YouTube administrators in the industry. Our best-in-class content detection processes over a trillion points of data to protect your digital rights and enhance your monetization.

What makes Adrev the best available option?

We offer unmatched customer service by providing lightning fast, around-the-clock responses to all requests. This means you have a partner available to you during non-office hours - evenings, weekends, and holidays - because we work when you do.

* Our manual claims team is driven by proprietary technology and their own high level of music rights expertise. You get all the benefits of leading-edge tech along with the most experienced humans in the biz.

* You get total transparency with our accounting dashboard. You always have total visibility, best-in-class granularity, and reliable accuracy regarding your earnings.

* Our team is YouTube Certified, and we're also fellow artists, musicians, and producers of content. We take great pride in protecting assets for our fellow creatives

* We offer the kind of real market experience that you can’t get anywhere else - more than 100 years of combined YouTube experience.

What kind of earnings information can I expect?

We report earnings and views by song and by claimed video. You can view and download your earnings reports in monthly or quarterly formats. Our robust, transparent accounting ensures that you never miss a cent of earned income. You’ll also enjoy continuous access to monthly and quarterly analytics, providing valuable insight into how your copyrights are being used on the YouTube platform. We pride ourselves on our total transparency and the high level of data that our dashboard provides.

How do I know if Adrev is a good fit for me?

If you’re interested in protecting your assets and enhancing monetization, then it’s likely we’re a good fit. Let’s chat! Connect with the right person on our team: Are you a Production Music Library, Record Label, Publisher, Audiovisual Creator or Rights Holder, Artist or Musician, Performing Rights Organization, Other Creator or Rights Holder.

What is the cost of Adrev’s services?

Basic monetization of your content in YouTube Content ID requires no out-of-pocket payments. We operate on an administrative rate split based on our customized service for your account - so we only make money when you do. We also offer additional customized services at bespoke pricing.

What services do you provide for YouTube Channels?

Adrev is a leading YouTube strategy partner for optimizing your channel, monetizing your videos and growing your audience. We provide brand channel management, intellectual property IP protection, content monetization, channel optimization, best practices and consultation. Elevate your brand’s YouTube presence utilizing our suite of tiered services tailored to your needs. Our curated network of 600+ partners is growing every day. We’re always interested in talking with potential content owners focused on channel development and strategy.

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